Read-A-Thon Fundraiser

The BRE Read-A-Thon FUNDRAISER will take place the week of May 9 – 20, 2022.

General Information and FAQ (see below)

Total Minutes online submission form (to be used ONLY on Friday, May 20th, to enter total minutes)

Online donation website for donors

Reading log

Extra reading log pages

Reading log with wide grid lines

Donation form and instructions

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What is the Read-A-Thon Fundraiser?
The 3rd Annual Read-A-Thon Fundraiser is a fun two-week event that encourages the love of reading and directly involves all students in fundraising for our school. Students who wish to participate in the Read-A-Thon Fundraiser must collect donations to sponsor their reading effort in addition to keeping a daily log of the amount of time they read (or are read to).

Your child can make a difference!
Please remember, this is a fundraiser for the school, and every dollar goes directly to enrichment at BRE such as classroom teachers, technology, performing and visual arts, campus safety and cultural programming. If every student raises just $100, then Bird Rock Foundation will have raised over $36,000.

How does it work?
The first day of the event will be Monday, May 9th. Students will begin tracking the time they spend reading every day by logging the book titles and minutes read (or read to) into their reading log. Reading logs will be in Tuesday envelopes on May 3rd and are also available online as linked above.
Additionally, students should start collecting donations from friends and family and neighbors to sponsor their reading effort.

The Read-A-Thon Fundraiser will end on Friday, May 20th. Students must turn in their full reading logs and donations to their classroom teacher on Friday AND must submit their Total Minutes Read via a Google Form by the end of day May 20th. Total Minutes online form is here.

What if my child can’t read yet? Can s/he still participate?
Of course! TK, K, and 1st graders can log books and minutes that have been read to them. That totally counts!

How can friends and family sponsor my child?

Throughout the two-week event, students are encouraged to ask their friends, neighbors, and extended family to make a donation for their reading efforts. Students can reach out via email or phone calls or walking the neighborhood. Ways that sponsors can donate:

  • Donating online via credit on the Read-A-Thon donation page.
  • Scanning the QR code that links to the same online donation page
  • Sending cash directly to your student
  • Writing a check, made payable to Bird Rock Foundation with the student’s name in the memo line to ensure they get credit for the donation
  • If a sponsor wants to pay via Venmo or Apple Pay or various other electronic payments, they can send that payment to you directly, and then you can send the same amount as either cash or check with your student or pay online with your credit card.

Donations can be a combination of both in-person and online payments. Donation forms and detailed instructions will be sent home in the Tuesday envelopes on May 3rd to help track money collected.

Online donations can be made here.

What is the “1,000 Minute Club”?
Students who read 1,000 or more minutes and who have submitted their Total Minutes Read and all donations by 5/20 will earn a spot in the “1,000 Minute Club” and receive a certificate of achievement and a small prize.

Will there be prizes?
Yes! The Top Readers in each grade and the Top Fundraisers will win prizes! Additionally, those students who are members of the “1,000 Minute Club” will earn a small prize.
Remember, to be eligible for prizes, students must submit online their Total Minutes Read and all donations by the May 20th deadline via Google Forms.

*Please note that to ensure everyone gets a chance to win, students are limited to one prize maximum.