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5th Grade EVENTS

The 5th grade year at Bird Rock Elementary is an especially exciting time for our kids! There are a number of fun and charitable activities planned for our students.


The purpose of these events is not only to give 5th grade students a fun last year of elementary school. The events also facilitate the development of more encompassing and stronger friendships, which will benefit all of our kids in their transition to middle school.


Here is the list of events planned for the 2023-24 school year. Please check back frequently for any updates. 


Calendar of Events:

Date Time Event $/pp
August 26th 3-7pm Pool Party  $0
September 27th 1-4pm

Day at the Bay @ Mission Bay Aquatics 

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October 18th 1-4pm Belmont Park $34
November 16th 1pm The LOT - Movie  $23
December 6th 1-4pm Ice Skating @ UTC $20
January 24th 2-4pm Feeding San Diego  $6
February 21st TBD Dave & Busters $25
March 8th 5pm Sea World Sleepover (optional) $150*
March 15th 4:30pm Talent Show $10
April 17th  2-4:30pm Whale Watching $20
May 10th 6pm Bonfire $20
May 29th 1:30-3:30pm Tri-School Swim Party (TPES, LJES & BRE)  
June 6th TBD Promotion  $0
June 6th  TBD End of Year Promotion Celebration  $20



*Value of all events: $250

*Requested donation: $200


If you see an event you would like to help with please reach out to Faye McDonald or Christa Duncan-Arfaa. We need a team of parents to make this year special for our kids!
Faye McDonald: or 858-308-4646
Christa Duncan-Arfaa: or 858-888-0785


5th Grade Donations & Sponsorship

Expenses for the 5th grade activities are traditionally covered by 5th grade parents. Several generous sponsors have stepped up to help defray some of the expenses traditionally covered by 5th grade parents. There will be other fundraising opportunities throughout the year. We also receive some funding from the Bird Rock Foundation.


Money from all these sources goes toward 5th grade expenses, which include everything from the fun bonding events, to 5th grade promotion, to offering scholarships which ensure all 5th grade students are able to participate in these events. We will also work to organize carpools to help make sure your student(s) will have a ride to the events. Most events will be held on Wednesdays shortly after school lets out.


Even with the support of our sponsors and the foundation, the majority of expenses are paid for through donations from 5th grade families. The 5th Grade Committee is requesting a donation of $200/student. We were able to reduce the requested donation amount per student thanks to our sponsors. The requested donation does not include the Sea World Sleepover. Only those students attending the Sleepover will be asked for a donation to cover that event. 


Visit our online donation page to submit your payment. 



We understand that every family has different situations and want to make sure all 5th graders have the opportunity to participate in these events regardless of circumstances. If you would like to receive a funded scholarship for your 5th grader please email with the subject line 5th Grade Events and the information regarding your student. The foundation will make sure that a donation on behalf of your student is confidentially funded. Thank you again, to our generous sponsors.


BIG Thank you to our generous sponsors.